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Australasian Journal of American Studies

AJAS (ISSN 0705-7113) is the official journal of the Australian and New Zealand American Studies Association. It is published twice a year, in July and December, by the Association.

Articles appearing in this journal are indexed in Historical Abstracts and America: History and Life. The journal is part of JSTOR, where issues appear 3 years after publication. The journal is also part of the EBSCO Australian/New Zealand Reference Center database, and will be included in the American History and Life with Full Text database when that is launched.

The best article published in the journal in the two years between conferences is awarded the James Holt Award, a prize worth $500AUS.

The recipient of the 2010-2011 Award was Bruce Harding for
"The Pennsylvania Connection: From Gettysburg 1863 to Shankesville 2001: Lincolnian Sacrifice Revisited and Re-enacted in the New Millennium,"  published in Vol. 30, no. 2 (December 2011).

The best article by a postgraduate student published in the journal in the two years between conferences is awarded the Peter Coleman Prize, valued at $250AUS.

The recipient of the 2008-2009 Award was Joshua Balfour for his article ‘“Confronting Entrenched Weapons Programs: A Short Story of Success from the George W. Bush Administration," published in Vol. 28, no. 1 (July 2009).

AJAS also publishes the winner of the Association's Norman Harper Prize, an award for an essay by an undergraduate student, valued at $100AUS. Submissions for this award must reach the Editors by December 1st each year.

The recipient of the 2011 Award was Ross Webb, of the University of Auckland, whose essay, ‘I am voting for myself, my children and my race this time’: Black Labour, Community Mobilisation and Civil Rights Unionism: the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters in the 1920s," appeared in vol. 31 no. 1 (July 2012)



  • CLARE CORBOULD, History Program, Monash University
  • MICHAEL ONDAATJE, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Newcastle
  • HEATHER NEILSON, School of Language, Literature & Communication, Australian Defence Force Academy


  • Melissa Hardie, Department of English, University of Sydney (Review Editor, Literature & Related Disciplines)
  • Tim Verhoeven, History Program, Monash University (Review Editor, History & Related Disciplines)
  • Ian Gordon, American Studies Centre, National University of Singapore
  • Geoff Lealand, Screen and Media Studies, University of Waikato